Blackler Smith & Co. turns 1!

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary in February.

We would like to sincerely acknowledge all of our clients for your belief in us and for your support. We enjoy dealing with you. With our first year behind us we now look forward to continuing to build a solid business that will be around for many years to come.

Local Business – What We’re Seeing

Income Protection – we’ve seen the negative side of insurance – an insurer not paying out for income protection under an older type policy.

Buyers – there’s a healthy appetite from people looking to buy profitable, lower risk, good cash flow businesses in the mid-price range. Franchises are also popular.

Banks – banks are competitive for your custom when there’s good security and strong cash flow businesses to be financed.

Sellers – when we’re advising buyers we’re asked to review the numbers and look at practical aspects of deals. We’ve seen sellers lose the confidence and interest of possible buyers when they have poor quality financial information, often prepared by unqualified accountants.

IRD – They can target industries. We’ve also seen them ignore what they consider unreliable information for businesses of a cash nature (with what they deem to be irregular accounts and records) and use benchmarked financial information to calculate what they consider to be a more appropriate tax bill.

Provisional tax – we’re seeing new clients whose old accountants didn’t seem to do any tax planning for their clients. We’ve also arranged tax finance to save interest and penalties for people paying their tax late.

Residential property – under our specialist property brand The Property Accountants, we’re dealing with lots of new investors. But we’re also seeing some investors reviewing their portfolios where a capital gain hasn’t arisen, and where they have no real confidence of seeing a capital gain the near future.

Not yet part of Blackler Smith & Co?

We’re boutique in size but we’re professional and street-smart. For us it’s always the relationship that comes first. Surprisingly, even being fully qualified chartered accountants is a point of difference these days. Membership of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand gives us the big ticks of training, experience and expertise, strict standards and constant upskilling. If you’re not already dealing with us, is your accountant a fully qualified chartered accountant?

– don’t assume that they are if you haven’t asked.

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