The real-life value of insurance

Part of ensuring your whole business needs are taken care of requires us to ensure your family, assets and business are protected in the event of a serious illness.

A while ago we identified one of our self-employed clients as being underinsured for such an event. We recommended that they meet with an insurance broker, which they did. Each year when our client questioned the cost of premiums they were paying, we reinforced the possible implications should they not continue with the cover.

A few months ago one of their family members had a significant stroke at an unexpectedly early age. The insurance kicked in very quickly which meant our client could focus on their family without having to make any rash decisions about their business and they could service
their mortgage on the family home. None of us could have predicted such an event, but taking a holistic view to your business environment
is vital to ensuring you’ve covered the bases for possible risks.

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