Our Chartered Accounting Team

Our Chartered Accountants teamWe welcome Brian Walshe as a special consultant to BSCO, who is working one day per week. Brian adds to our various strategic advice offerings and is available not only to our clients but also to business owners who may not be clients, for advice and support to build your business’s performance, profitability, cash flow and success. Some business owners may like to use Brian’s skills to create a regular advisory board, or for special projects (e.g. selling your business Our Chartered Accounting Team for big money or taking on a new venture).
Or just occasional high level advice that is hard to find from other chartered accountants. Please contact Ben or Blair to arrange a no obligation chat with Brian.

We are also very pleased to welcome Kelly Sinclair to our team. Kelly is a fully qualified chartered accountant who also helps our clients in our specialist property division, The Property Accountants.

Not yet part of Blackler Smith & Co?

We’re a boutique, professional and business-smart firm specialising in customer service.

For us, the relationship comes first. For people not already using Blackler Smith & Co, do you have a main contact person who will be around for the lifetime of your business? It’s also worth noting that we have a higher proportion of fully qualified chartered accountants than the vast majority of accounting firms in New Zealand. There will be no extra costs involved in moving your affairs to Blackler Smith & Co – we guarantee it.

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